Cultural competency training


Our Cultural Competency Training will take you on a journey from the past, to the present, then provide you with a safe place to reflect and think about how you can work with Aboriginal people as you continue your journey into the future.

This is a full day training package (6-7 hours), and involves TRUTH TELLING, delivered in a safe and gentle way through yarning, storytelling, historical analysis, all of which has come from Robynne’s life time of experience working in Aboriginal Affairs around the nation, and across Victoria. Robynne has a wealth of experience in the employment/recruitment, health/nursing, corporate, government, historical research and business.

Cultural Competency Training Testimonials


Was the best cultural awareness session I have ever been to. Should be mandatory in all workplaces. Thanks for your enlightenment.

Brilliant training Robynne. Very well-articulated. Awesome Stuff. It was DEADLY!

Absolutely fantastic!!!! Everyone should have the opportunity to do this training program. Robynne was amazing. 10/10

I had a skeletal understanding – you enhanced that knowledge base a thousand-fold!

Robynne you are an amazingly strong woman and you are a fantastic presenter. A fantastic session and I am grateful to have been in this and have met you. I will be making changes within the organisation to ensure positive changes in our practices.

Wonderful learning presented in a humanistic way which I will always remember.

Your delivery style is excellent, and a mix of history and personal stories are so compelling. And the application to our environment is so useful and thought provoking.

Robynne is an amazing speaker and presenter. It has been wonderful listening to her and her experiences
– Albury Wodonga Health

Thank you for your openness/honesty and wonderful sharing of story/history. Keep fighting for what you believe in – you are making a huge difference. Go Sista!!
– Albury Wodonga Health

Many thanks Robynne and Larry. Fantastic Session!
– Prisons
I loved the session and it brought a lot of emotion to me. Well done.
– Dept of Justice
Thanks Robynne it was fantastic. Loved being in the space with you.
– Corrections
Please keep up this fantastic work. As they say, “teach on – reach a dozen”. Thank you all for the experience.
– Victoria Police
Thank you so much and hope to have my own community understand so they can better line and be unified with the Aboriginal people of this Nation.
– Primary Care Connect
Thank you for opening my eyes towards things I can personally take on to engage with Aboriginal population. Great to highlight strengths despite adversity.
– Going Rural Health
I really loved Robynne’s teaching style. It was open and warm and inviting to ask any questions.
– Royal Children’s Hospital

Thanks Robynne – you presented this session so beautifully. I particularly loved the info about spirituality.

A wonderful blend of spiritual, historical and current day issues; I only wished it was longer.

Excellent, interactive and stimulating presentation.

You are a generous and warm presenter Robynne. I love your woman’s spirit.

Wonderful speaker – great knowledge and kept the sessions very interesting. Thank you. ‘Well presented & very informative. Great to have further education held locally & not travel to Melbourne.’

Would have been great to have more time, but the training was great in the time allowed.

Very enjoyable and interesting. Made me realize how much I didn’t know about the Aboriginal culture.

I have done this training in the past, but nothing like this. Excellent!!