Aboriginal people have lived on their Ancestral lands for over 60,000 years and are proven to be the oldest living culture on the planet.

Wherever you live and walk on the traditional lands of Aboriginal people, it is essential to always pay your respect and remember where you are.

And in doing so, take some time to learn about the history of the people in that area.

Mulana Kaalinya (also known as Healing The Spirit) provides a range of different and culturally safe learning avenues that will enhance your knowledge of Aboriginal history, strength, beauty, and sorrow. We aim for you to come some way to understand why we are – where we are – today.

Every Aboriginal person has a unique story to tell – we aim to start the journey to wisdom and healing by sharing our Ancestral stories with you. It is only through TRUTH TELLING, REFLECTION, INSPIRATION, INNOVATION, that we can heal and unite.

Then we no longer have to just dream of a time when Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia can stand together as equals. Then we can work and walk together and finally make this a reality. That is true reconciliation.

At Mulana Kaalinya, we will take you on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

We are proud to be a 100% owned and operated Aboriginal company striving to bridge the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

We exist to bring greater understanding, reconciliation and a stronger, healthier future for Aboriginal children, youth, Elders, men, women, organizations and communities.

Thankyou to all those who continue to support and work with us to bring the change – be the change.

May the Ancestors be with you and your mob

Larry and Rob X

Awards & Nomination:

  • Hume Region Aboriginal Community Justice Awards: Strengthening Culture Award
An award presented to Mulana Kaaliya (Healing The Spirit)

Robynne Nelson

Robyne Nelson

Robynne Nelson is a proud Yorta Yorta, Jaara, Waywurru woman living in the Shepparton region.
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Larry Jackson

Larry Jackson

Larry has near 30 years’ experience in Aboriginal Justice across Victoria including coordinating the Shepparton Community Justice Panel 24/7.
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